Give a Hospitalized Child a
Cuddly Plush Toy Animal
and Get a BIG Smile

0hat Gifts 4 Smiles Does

Each Gifts4Smiles delivery gives fifty ill hospitalized children and sometimes other situation sad, abused little souls a gift of love in the form of a quality designed 16″-18″ huggable animal plush toy to make them smile.

Gifts4Smiles believes a child’s hospital experience can be scary and parental loss or adult abuse is a heartbreak, but when a small child is able to have a plush friend to cuddle and cling to, it can often help the loneliness.

How Gifts 4 Smiles Does It

Gifts4Smiles finds gift needy children’s hospitals (those which do not have a surplus of plush toys) and some foster care providers and determines the gifts to send. Then, 50 plush Puppies, Bunnies, Beagles, Bears and other animal quality plush toys intended for newbies to preschoolers are sent with sincere love from our caring donors, perhaps just like you.

And, when the gifts are received, the lonely and sad little faces beam with big heartwarming smiles because they now have a forever friend.  Afterwards, it’s repeat and repeat and repeat whenever enough donations are received to send another delivery of 50 cherished gifts to other hospitalized and vulnerable small souls.

It’s Donor Maker to Toy Maker to Smile Maker

The gifts ship direct from the toy manufacturer to the children’s hospital, or location of the child’s caretaker.  The plush toy gifts are all high-quality and from U.S. companies.  100% of all “Public Donations” only go to pay for the gifts wholesale cost and delivery to the recipients.  Gifts4Smiles is an ‘all volunteers’ charity, and its management personnel are all volunteers and Partner Donors.

Three Donation Types To Select 

Public Donations – 100% of all “Public Donations” only go to the gifts wholesale cost & delivery to the recipients.

Public Partner Donations – 90% of all “Public Partner Donations” go to the gifts cost & delivery and 10% go towards Gifts 4 Smiles fixed operating overhead. Partner donors may either make a moderate donation (say $20) for one, or a more substantial donation to cover the cost to send 50 plush toy gifts to the children’s hospital destinations of their choice (see FAQ).

Corporate Partner Donations – Gifts 4 Smiles can also facilitate a bulk order, wholesale price donation with the donor company’s logo identity, or special message on each cuddly gift friend with distribution to needy hospitals. For further information see ‘FAQ”, or email:

You can make a lonely or sad child smile and give them a forever memorable friend today.  Just select the type of donation you prefer on the donation form after a click on the below box.


Are Gifts 4 Smiles donations tax deductible?

Yes. Gifts 4 Smiles, Inc. is an IRS 501 (c)(3) registered charity and we suggest a consult with your tax advisor to also make them smile.

Is the Gifts 4 Smiles charity directly affiliated with any other organization?

No. The Gifts 4 Smiles charity is not directly affiliated with any faith based, political, government, for profit, or other type of organizations.  However, it’s possible a hospitalized or abused child may be in the custodial foster care of various organizations and G4S’s only goal is to make a child smile.

Are the G4S toys quality products and child product safe? And, where are they made?

All the toys G4S selects to send have quality designs and are ASTM & CPSIA & PROP 65 certified.  All are washable and most are machine washable. All are from U.S, manufactures and are made to their high quality specifications in either Indonesia, or Vietnam.

Can Gifts 4 Smiles send 50 plush toys to a children's hospital I select?

Yes, There are two main requirements – It must be a 50 plush toy minimum order (about $750) and the children’s hospital should be gift needy (not already have a large surplus of plus toys).  If interested, please send an email request for info to:,

What is the Corporate Partner Donor Program (with logo identity, or special message on each gift) requirement?

The primary requirements are – It must be an approximate 2,000 plush toy minimum order (at direct wholesale price and standard carrier destination delivery cost).  The plush toys can not be offered ‘for sale’. Although it’s not a firm requirement, the children’s hospital should be gift needy (not already have a large surplus of plus toys).  If interested, please send an email request for additional info to:,

Do 100% of all designated "Public Donations" only go to the gifts cost? And, how can I see a copy of the Bylaws?

Yes. The G4S Bylaws recite, “Public Donations” All donation funds for plush toys received resulting from the website in which the donor designates on the payment form as a “Public Donation”, shall be exclusively spent 100% towards the gifts’ cost and delivery charge to the intended recipients’ destinations.  A copy of the G4S Bylaws and IRS 501(c)(3) info can be found at: Gifts4Smiles, Inc. Bylaws, 501(c)(3) let & FL Corp. Docs.

Does the G4S charity need volunteers?

Yes. G4S needs volunteers who want to provide their service for ‘good karma’ rather than money.  The current needs are:

• Social Media Manager
• Hospital Liaison Assistant

Please send a brief summary about yourself to:


p:  866.835.0594
m: Gifts4Smiles, Inc., PO Box 1363, Pompano Beach, FL  33062