The Mission
Gift Kiosks
Our primary program places free gift kiosks in children's cancer hospitals, which are filled with an assortment of plush toys and popular games.  The hospital's child life department's staff then handles the gifts distribution.
A cubekiosk* displays the gifts in storage cubes arranged around an inventory computer.  As gifts are removed, the computer records the inventory and the items restocking needs can be known remotely. 

The kiosks & computers are donated by the charity founder and the gifts are provided by the Gifts 4 Smiles Sponsor Members and all donations.
Plush Toys & Game Gifts
The gifts are always brand new, current popular items. The plush toys are individually held in clear packaging to keep them sanitary.

Gifts 4 Smiles presently has gift kiosk in Florida at the Chris Evert Children's Hospital and in Massachusetts at the Tufts Floating Children's Hospital. 
Our goal is to trade the gifts for smiles in as many children's cancer hospitals as the donations will support.
Celebration Gift Cards

Another facet of the charity's program gives celebration cash and restaurant gift cards to cancer patient families to celebrate their ending chemotherapy round.  Gifts 4 Smiles feels these families deserve some special love and kudos at their time of uncertainty and hope.
Gives plush dog friends, fun games and special gifts in exchange for smiles
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